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At Sherri D's Auto Sales, our customers come first.  We make every effort to insure that you have a great time buying a vehicle from us.  Our customer leave happy and know that they got a great deal on a quality used vehicle.  We would love to hear about your Sherri D's Experience!


Benjamin Mujagic 3/9/2017
Great service clean cars and helpful staff.

Amber Porter 3/9/2017
Just when I was about to give up on finding a car I found the perfect car for my family! These guys were very helpful and great to work with! Thanks!

Malik Butler 8/22/2016
Very great service was quick and easy and fast

Kammy Wells 8/15/2016
Shout out to my friend Denise Hileman for bringing me to Chris at Sherri D's! II looked for a month for a car from here to Cedar Falls an something kept bringing back to Chris. He has went over and beyond to find me what I wanted an I got exactly that! Couldn't be more grateful for all his help! This is a Happy Birthday to me present!! I won't hesitate to send anyone looking to buy a car down here to Chris! He's pretty awesome!!!

Judy Egesdal 8/15/2016
I am so thrilled to find this 2008 Toyota Corolla with 37,000 miles here at Sherri D's. It is an exact match to my previous Toyota and Sherri D's made the purchase amazingly quick and easy!

Amanuel Hailu 2/27/2016
A pleasure to do business with. No pressure to buy what you don't want to buy. Chris, the salesman, is great; will leave you alone with the vehicle to let you make up your mind about your purchase and is very open to negotiate with. They will find the best financing option for you. Would definitely recommend them for anybody looking to purchase a car.

Robin Daniel 2/26/2016
My name is Robin Daniel. One week ago my wife was in a car accident that left us a car short in our family. While searching for cars online I came across Sherri D's web page and new I was going to have a great experience. The web page was designed in a manner that met all of my needs and expectations. After calling to make sure the inventory online was still available my wife and I planned to travel to Sherri D's today (2/26/16). Our experience started off with a warm welcome from Chris and he was prepared like no other sales representative I have ever experienced. The three cars that I had inquired about were all ready to be test driven when we arrived. Chris provided only great help in answering our questions, no high pressure sales tactics that you find at most car dealerships. When we were done our total time at Sherri D's was only 2 hours, WOW!!! Really, 2 hours and that's it, we were on our way home and felt great about our purchase and how well we were treated as customers. Dang, the drive there and back was longer than that. I will be most definitely be recommending others to visit Sherri D's. Not for the $50 referral but customers looking for cars should be able to experience what my wife and I did when typical car shopping is in my opinion miserable. It is obvious that Sherri D's and her team knows what customer service is all about. My wife and I said multiple times on our drive home how impressed we were. The inventory selection, facilities and customer service were what I would call World Class. Thank you again for your help in finding the right car for us.

Amanda Mendoza 2/24/2016
This is my second vehicle I have purchased here,very friendly and helpful, process of buying a car was easy.

Dalon Helm 2/17/2016
My name is Dalon Helm. Over this past summer I bought a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. After experiencing excellent service first-hand I referred my grandmother, Lola Helm, to Sherri D's. She was equally impressed and ended up purchasing a 2005 Ford Escape. Coming from Sherrard, IL I appreciate small business, but after visiting other dealerships around the QC, Sherri D's was far and away the most enjoyable shopping experience. I soon came to dread the "hawk-like" and overbearing mentality of most car salesmen. Fortunately, Sherri D's was different, and this made a difference. I felt that I was noticed when I arrived but that I was also given an appropriate amount of space to think for myself without feeling oppressed by a salesman. Expertise was balanced with repect. This fac weighed into my decision to purchase a car from you and I thank you for it.

James Edwards 10/1/2015
Your Testimonial : By far one of the best car buying experiences. There were a few hiccups down the road, but Sherri and her staff made sure things were taken care of. I could not have asked for a better company to deal with. I am one very satisfied customer and I will be back for future car buying needs. Thank you guys!! Purchase Date : 04/2015

Easy does it! By Andy J from Easr Moline | July 14, 2015 I had just spent all morning looking for a used suv type vehicle at 3 of the bigger car dealerships. I saw and test drove a number of cars but came away pretty frustrated. I had pretty much given up for the day when by chance I drove by Sheri D's. A couple cars caught my eye so I turned around and drove onto the lot. Chris came out and we talked about the cars I was looking at. I told Chris what I was looking for and he listened and pointed out a number of features. I ended up test driving 2 cars that day, very impressed with condition and price of everything I looked at. I called Chris a couple days later and said my wife was coming down to test drive one and possibly another. It was the third car we drove that we bought, a 2011 Honda CRV. I could ramble some more but Chris was great from start to finish. A very easy experience and I don't like buying cars. Yes I recommend Sheri D's Auto.

Sherri D's is the best. I'll definitely recommend them to anyone I know who needs a car. Gayl Dieleman - Moline, IL

Mark Bramble 6/1/2015
Hello, I was looking for an older car that fit in my price range and didn't want to pay big dealers price's. I found a 02 Buick Le Sabre Limited for under $ 5,000 at Sherri's. I did a back ground check as I have always been afraid of smaller used car lots and was surprised when I got to their lot. It was very big and bright and well maintained. All of the cars were clean including my 02 Buick. I took the Buick for a short drive and it had a great ride. I couldn't believe that this car was in mint condition and checked out at Cafax. Chris and the other gentlemen were very polite and helpful. The whole deal took under 95 minutes. I am %100 happy with the deal and would recommend Sherri D's to anyone looking for a new used car.

by Dave R. from Princeton, Illinois | August 8, 2014 I had nearly given up on finding what I wanted in a vehicle when I came across an ad for Sherri D's. I found a Chevy Tahoe: one-owner, free CarFax, 104,000 miles, immaculate shape, a sunroof ,and, most importantly, NO RUST! I checked out all the glitches that GM provided when they manufactured Tahoes, i.e., inaccessible heater core needing replacement, 4WD non-use damaging transmission, etc. This one even had all brand new tires. I didn,t even attempt to negotiate much for the price because it was right on the money. Chris, the salesman, even allowed around $400 for my 2002 Dodge Grand Rustbucket trade-in. I promised that I would advertise for Sherri D's: this is a start P.S. I had written an earlier review that may have not been received due to a computer error; this should replace it.

by R. Eaton from Davenport, Iowa | May 20, 2013 My boyfriends truck finally gave out. He is taking my truck and we needed a second car for myself. I scoured so many websites for weeks and looked at some of the large dealerships. What a nightmare. The salesmen just seem so condescending and shady. I had a bad experience at a small lot several years ago so was hesitant to check at Sherri D's. So glad I did. I found the best VW Passat and Chris was so great!!! I saw more cars on their lot that I wanted to drive than any other. This car has very reasonable miles and there wasn't a dent or scratch. The interior was like brand new. I will never go back to the large lots again. I am telling everyone how happy I am with Sherri D's. Going to pick my car up today and I can't wait!! Do yourself a favor and check them out! They are life savers!

by Dave from Alpha, IL | March 20, 2013 After an extensive search for great condition higher mileage cars that took a number of months, we are VERY PROUD to have purchased from Chris at Sherri D's. The whole car buying experience was second to none...and the next time we are in the market for another vehicle I will be checking Sherri D's FIRST! I was very impressed by their very detailed and easy to use that is better than many larger new car dealers. I have already recommended them to many friends and coworkers and will continue to do so! You can't go wrong with Chris and Sherri D! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!

by Jeff Grady from Rock Island, IL | February 25, 2013 Okay, I got a 2007 Pontiac G6 with the 3.5L V6 Today!! Sliding sunroof, 4 speed Auto w/OD! Not a single scratch or dent anywhere on this vehicle and she scoots too!! I Purchased 2 other vehicles from them in the past 8 yrs, and i just traded in My Blazer after a long good run with it and NO problems with it. Just decided to buy another car from Sherri and that's what i did! I would recommend Sherri D's To Anybody!! Thanks Sherri, Jeff Grady

by Nick from Moline, IL | February 9, 2013 I had been driving a car older than I am for the better part of 5 years. It was my first car and I love it but it was becoming obvious that I would have to seek new wheels soon. After a few months of internet deal searching I found a car I loved and was in the price range I was looking for at Sherri D's. They had plenty of pictures and information so that when I finally decided to go look at it there were no surprises. When I went to see it, Chris the salesman quickly had me in the drivers seat. He was easy to negotiate with and was very understanding when I said I would need to come back with a trusted car expert/dad. After dad's okay he talked me through financing options to find the right fit in my budget. It wasn't easy for him and I am sure glad he and the Sherri D's staff hung in there with me to figure it out. Love the car!

by Kerry Jo from Bettendorf, IA | November 2, 2012 I purchased a car from them a little over a week ago and I love it!! They were so nice ad helped me out a lot!! They did everything for me and all I had to do was fill out the paper work!! I had been car shopping all for a few days and I couldn't believe the cars and prices at the other places. Sherri D's had/has a great selection and really takes good care of their vehicles and customers. I am referring people to them!!

by Baseball Mom from Rock Island, IL | October 18, 2011 I bought my sons 1st care here, a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix and we couldn't be happier. The customer service was excellent (ask for Chris!) and the buying process was easy. I have recommended Sherri D's to all my friends who will soon be buying 1st vehicles for their kids. We will definitely go back.

I recently bought a blazer and am very pleased with my Suv. by Judy-2014-01-07 My SuV runs great in the snow when using my 4 by 4. The heater has kept me warm in this deep freeze. The staff was very helpful and friendly.

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